Technology Management & Marketing Services

In today’s business world, everything moves at the speed of light.  

Opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye.  

Is your business poised and ready to fully-exploit today’s technological landscape?

Is it possible to have control of your business, marketing and identity while riding the crest of innovation into the 21st century without losing your main focus?   YES!   Let us show you how!

At ICorp, we are some of the foremost experts in technology and marketing.  ICorp’s founder, Michael Perry has been instrumental in online marketing since the early days of PCs and telecommunications.  We are one of the oldest Internet/IT companies in the world, and have provided services to businesses such as, AOL, Emeril’s, Taco Bell, The United Nations, Bell Atlantic, Disney, General Motors, EDS, and others.

From the early days of the Internet, developing unique, high-traffic portal sites, to custom-designing some of the world’s earliest online survey, news, classified and product ordering systems, to advanced online hotel reservation systems used by companies such as, to modern mobile app developement, ICorp has its roots deep in technology and marketing.

Do you feel overwhelmed by technology?  Do you recognize that you need to make more use of the social media landscape?  Do you want to expand your market and your sphere of influence?   Are you worried that the only way to do this is to hand off large chunks of your business identity to third parties who may or may not do what you expect?  Is your online presence being “held hostage” by people who don’t give you control and charge for every minute of their time?  At ICorp our approach is different.  Nobody knows your business better than you and you should always be in the driver’s seat.  We provide tools and services that augment your existing processes, allowing you to focus on your core business needs, while also having control over new technologies.

Whereas other technology consultants, social media and web developers would act as an immovable intermediary between you and your customers, we endeavor to provide tools that bridge the gap, and allow you to have more control over your own online presence.  We set up web sites and systems that give you the ability to add and update your own content at will.  We set up systems where you instruct what information goes where.  We can help navigate the jungle of technology partners and help source the products and services that will economically and thoroughly service your needs now and long into the future.  This is a road we know well, and we’re happy to share every bit of our experience to help your venture.

Social Media Services / Technology Consulting

How do people find you online?  What makes  your web site(s) in demand and of interest?

How do you avoid Internet marketing charlatans who make grandiose promises they cannot deliver?

Can your message rise above the ocean of voices on the Internet?   YES! Let us show you how!

When it comes to social media, there’s an art to getting your message out.   At ICorp, we know all the “tricks of the trade” to efficiently, and most-importantly, ethically get your message to millions.  There is no “instant success” or magic trick that turns web sites into gold, but there are tried-and-true techniques that definitely work and create real brand awareness and equity you can bank on.

The key is learning about what it is you do and what you hope to do, and finding creative ways to distinguish your organization from everyone else. It’s not just slapping up a Facebook page - it’s how and what you say and when.  We can manage a coordinated PR campaign that spans dozens, even hundreds of popular online communities including: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Myspace, and more.  We also know how to create “buzz” and “traction” in cyberspace and find targeted communities that want to know about your organization.  From singular, targeted appeals to elaborate, long-term PR and identity campaigns, we can take your message to millions.  And most importantly, we can show you how to keep them interested and paying attention to what you’re doing.

Best of all, our rates are extremely reasonable and flexible.   If you are looking for a basic site to set up, and then span out into various social media sites, we can set that up for you.  We can work with your existing web/internet people, perform many services in-house, or broker new parties to help with projects both large and small.

Our emphasis will always be on giving you control over your Internet identity, using content-management systems that are bullet-proof and secure, and giving you access to add/update content yourself.  We then project your message as per your requirements across a wide variety of other sites and systems.  We will custom-tailor a campaign to suit your needs, whether you’re looking to establish yourself as the de-facto standard or expert in a field, sell specific products, or promote or solicit specific appeals or services, ICorp can deliver a campaign and an array of technology that suits your needs.

Best of all, we speak your language.   We respect that you have plenty of responsibilities operating your business and you need a partner who can “translate” the myriad of tech-speak into something that is understandable and relatable to your business sensibilities.  Sit with us.  Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will draw up a plan that delivers.   On your terms.

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